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Resistance Bands

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Resistance Bands 

Ankle mobility 1 set of 10- plantar flexion (pointing your toe), inversion (moving foot inward) and eversion (moving foot outward) with resistance band anchored or held.  Banded SIde Lunge into knee drive 2 sets of 10- band anchored, and around hip, lunge away from anchor point. Banded Forward lunge- 2 sets of 10- band anchored, and attached around the forward moving leg just below knee pulling knee outward- goal being to hold knee in neutral position and not allowing it to go out while lunging forward.  Band pulls- 2 sets of 10 -  stand shoulder width on long band, and pull with both arms up to chin.  Arm raises 2 sets of 10 -use a small looped band held by thumbs, press arms out just wider than hip width and rise above your head and back down. Adduction and abduction- 2 sets of 10 each direction, band ancored, and around ankle. Shoulder cross pull 1 set of 10 each side- same position as bird dog with band anchored reach across and pull band across chest to opposite shoulder. 

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